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Marketing Ideas for Online Jewelry Shops

CUSTOMER REVIEW: “Just gotta tell ya, I have spent a ton of money with online educators. Today I spent $8 before I got out of bed. 8 DOLLARS and your ATTENTION GETTING MARKETING gave me more quick, to the point, info I CAN REALLY USE than all the others put together! … I’m a busy girl juggling a lot of balls and don’t have time to work my way through pages and pages of workbooks . I need marketing info for my online retail and wholesale jewelry business and I need it NOW. My $8 and YOUR Attention Getting Marketing ebook gave me quick, precise, before not seen anywhere, info I can use TODAY! And thank you again for giving me the Best $8 I’ve ever spent.” Sassie Grissom from

At a loss on how to get customers to your online jewelry shop? Need real inspiration, truly creative ideas, proven tactics and professional advice? I have been consulting for online shops for years now, and with my ebook, Marketing Ideas for Online Jewelry Shops, I walk you through how to effectively market and promote your online jewelry shop with innovative tactics that work!

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  • How to get publicity with fashion blogs and media
  • How to write a pitch
  • Proven and sample story pitch ideas
  • Which media to target
  • How to get local press
  • List of fashion media to submit to


  • Tips for getting seen on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest
  • What to put in your profile description
  • What to post to get seen by jewelry and fashion lovers
  • Creative posting ideas & popular hash tags to use
  • How to find customers on social media
  • Who to follow on social media for more exposure


  • Creative promotional ideas
  • Creative places to advertise
  • Creative ad ideas for print, mobile & online ads
  • Creative ideas for email marketing, business cards, direct mail, giveaways and so much more!
  • List of sites to advertise or list your shop for free


  • How to get repeat and referral customers
  • New customers & markets to consider
  • How to get in front of stylists and merchandisers
  • Alternative sales channels
  • How to use your product photos to sell more jewelry

AND MUCH MUCH MORE! This ebook will become your go-to marketing reference for years to come. No generic, fluff here, only proven, actionable ideas with real-life examples. Start driving more traffic and sales at your online jewelry shop today!

54-page PDF ebook instant download.

© 2018 Gail Oliver. All rights reserved.

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