Publicity Pitch Writing Service

With my publicity pitch writing service, I will write a compelling pitch for you to submit to popular blogs and print magazines to get press for your products and/or shop. You can choose the product to pitch, or I can choose one of your products based on what I think is most editorial-worthy. The best part is that my pitch can be used as a template for you to use to get future press. 


A publicity pitch I wrote for one of my customers, Ogsplosh on Etsy, got onto Apartment Therapy! They actually went for the exact headline we pitched. You can read it here: 


Customers have used my pitches to get press in Real Simple Magazine, House Beautiful, Vanity Fair,, Glamour Magazine, LONNY, DesignMilk, Emmaline Bride, More Magazine, Outblush, The Frisky, just to name a few. 


"Within a week of sending out all of my pitches, I've secured two spots for publicity on top beauty lifestyle blogs, have been asked to guest post on another, and a large blog will be doing an entire campaign featuring my products! I highly recommend using her to help get your brand quality publicity!" Tiffany Barry @

1. it is NOT a guarantee of publicity as this is up to the magazine's editorial team, but I do my very best to convince them. 
2. Pitches are not long, typically only 2 to 3 paragraphs to peak their interest. It does take a certain technique to be able to convince them quickly as an editor does not have time to read a long, wordy pitch. 
3. They do not necessarily go for it right away. The Apartment Therapy pitch ran within two months of pitching but sometimes it has taken up to a year. 
4. Do not purchase this service unless you have high quality product images. Creditable media rarely asks for product samples, therefore they will use your photos and they have to meet their standards. 

Ready within 3 business days of receipt of payment.

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