Etsy Shop Marketing Plan

Drive tons of traffic to your Etsy shop using my Etsy Shop Marketing Plan!

These tactics work! I have filled each page with easy, creative, free and/or affordable and proven ideas for Advertising, Promotions, Publicity (with editorial deadlines), Email Marketing, Etsy-specific Tasks, Product Ideas and much more. EVERY MONTH IS DIFFERENT because every month presents new opportunities.

  • A detailed marketing to do list for EVERY month from July to December 2017.
  • Each month has advertising ideas, email marketing ideas & promotional ideas.
  • Each month has publicity opportunities for print and online with deadlines.
  • Each month has Etsy-specific tactics, SEO tactics and product opportunities.
  • Also includes FREE access to my media contact list page with 100+ media.
  • 16-page printable PDF automatic digital download.

I alert you to every possible sales opportunity for your Etsy shop and traffic will consistently be coming in. This is NOT a blank planner. I have filled in everything you need to do in this 16-page printable PDF automatic digital download.

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