Etsy Shop Social Media Plan

Drive tons of traffic to your Etsy shop through social media using my Etsy Shop Social Media Plan!

My Social Media Plan is a 6-month plan where for EACH day of EACH month from July to December 2017, I give you social media posting ideas covering all of the popular topics and hash tags that will be trending throughout the rest of the year. This will help you gain more followers and get more exposure for your Etsy shop, so when you do post a product on your social media sites, it gets way more reach.

This is NOT a blank planner, I have filled in everything you need to do for all 184 days (I also leave space for you to add your own ideas). I even include examples of cool social media posts to inspire you, as well as social media tips and tactics that will help you to grow your followers and drive more traffic to your Etsy shop.

✮ 184 days of posting ideas (the entire second half of the year is covered, month by month).
✮ All the hot trending hash tags & popular national days.
✮ Insider tips and traffic boosting tactics.
✮ Examples of cool posts.
✮ FREE access to my social media tips update page.
✮ 16-page printable PDF automatic digital download.

If you are having trouble getting traffic and followers, you will love this social media planner!

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