Personalized Business Critique

Is your online business just not performing? Get my Personal Business Critique with a detailed 15-page report that will answer:

  • What are my first impressions of your business?
  • Is it immediately clear what you are selling?
  • Do I understand the product(s) and why I would want it?
  • Is branding consistent and memorable?
  • Is your site's title tag and meta description SEO correct?
  • Are there important elements of an online / e-commerce store that you are missing?
  • Does your About page have a clear mission statement and positioning?
  • Does the layout make sense, do I know where to go purchase?
  • Do I trust buying from you?
  • Does the buying process make sense and is it easy to follow?
  • Is there information you have forgotten that the customers want to know?
  • Do your product photos convey the right image and convince me to buy?
  • Do your product descriptions convey the right information and convince me to buy?
  • Are your products priced reasonably and competitively?
  • Is it obvious how to contact you?
  • What suggestions do I have for driving more traffic and sales to your online business?

The report will be emailed to you as a printable PDF. The current turnaround time is 5 to 7 business days and you can ask questions after you review it.

I have advised thousands of online businesses over the last several years and I can help yours too. This is professional and affordable advice you can trust. Any questions, feel me to email me at

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