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Blogging Planner

Welcome! I’m Gail Oliver, an online marketing consultant and blogger at

It's time for your blog to start driving traffic and making you money with my BRAND NEW 30-page Blog Planner!

This printable planner covers all of your strategic planning needs, whether you are brand new or have been blogging for a long time.

⚬ 30-page printable PDF.
⚬ Created by an 9-year blogger and long-time marketing professional.

⚬ Blog Goals
⚬ Blog Strategy
⚬ Blog Details
⚬ Blog Layout
⚬ Blog Copy
⚬ Blog SEO
⚬ Blog Follower Stats
⚬ Blog Traffic Stats
⚬ Blog Revenue Goals
⚬ Blog Affiliate Revenue
⚬ Blog Ad Revenue
⚬ Blog Sponsorship Revenue
⚬ Blog Product & Service Revenue
⚬ Blog Giveaways
⚬ Blog Expenses
⚬ Blog Post Planner
⚬ Blog Post Checklist
⚬ Guest Post Planner
⚬ Blog Post Monthly Plan
⚬ Guest Post Monthly Plan
⚬ Blog Post Annual Editorial Calendar
⚬ Blog Success Tracker
⚬ Monthly Blog Audit
⚬ Blog Weekly To Do Plan
⚬ Future Blog Post Ideas Bank
⚬ Blog Year in Review Analysis

© 2021 Gail Oliver. All rights reserved.

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