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Product Listing Audit & Worksheet

Do your products have a low sales conversion rate of less than 1%? It could be your listing description and product photos lack vital information that the buyer needs to go through with the purchase.

My Product Listing Audit & Worksheet will serve as a valuable resource every time you have to list a new product. The first two pages features a list of 110 possible product attributes that you might need to include, to make sure you have given the customer all the necessary Information required to complete the buying decision.

The next two pages are Product Listing Worksheets that will help you write the description as well as optimize it for Etsy SEO.

Hopefully, it greatly improves your conversion rate!


  • Includes 2 pages of 110 listing attributes that typically lead to a higher sales conversion.
  • Includes a Product Listing worksheet for writing your description.
  • Includes a worksheet for Etsy SEO.
  • Includes example of completed worksheets.
  • 4 page printable PDF.


As a long time marketing professional, consultant, ebook author and blogger, my advice has been featured in the NY Times, Success Magazine, American Express Open Forum, Big Commerce blog, Business2Community, SheKnows Small Business to name a few – so this is professional advice you can trust!

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